Located in the northeastern United States, Long Island is part of the state of New York in the southeast. The island is divided into four counties with Nassau County occupying the western third and Suffolk County the eastern two-thirds. Ellis services these two counties. Nassau and Suffolk counties are located in the central and eastern portions of Long Island. It is common to use the colloquial term "Long Island" only to refer to Nassau and Suffolk counties.

The island stretches from New York Harbor eastward to Montauk Point, 118 miles (190 km) away. From Long Island Sound to the Atlantic coast, it is a maximum distance of 23 miles (37 km). There are 1,401 square miles (3,630 km2) of land in this region.

If you need to get around, you can take the Northern State Parkway, the Southern State Parkway, and the Long Island Expressway. These three roads are the island's main east-west high-speed controlled-access highways.

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