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Do you have flooded carpets due to an emergency? We can help you sort it out. But it would be best if you could give us a quick call to provide more information about the situation. The source of the leak will determine what we can do to fix the issue.

The route we will take to fix flooded carpets will mainly depend on the water damage that occurred and if the water was clean or contaminated.

In general, if the floodwater was clean, like a leak from a bathtub, sink or even clean toilet water. We can handle the flooding swiftly and effortlessly. After that, we’ll clean your carpets the usual way plus add some sanitation and deodorizing measures.

On the other hand, if your carpets were damaged by contaminated water (e.g. sewage or waste matter), unfortunately, there’s nothing much we can do to restore them. Keeping health concerns in mind, you might have to completely buy new carpets.

If after assessment we find that the flooding is not as bad and that usual carpet cleaning will do. We can get you booked in within the day. But if there is extensive water damage expect that the processes will take longer, more so if there will be insurance companies to be contacted.

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About Us And Our Own Experience - Drenched Carpets Cleaning

Looking for a team who specialized in anything and everything to do with flooded carpets cleaning based near Amagansett, N.Y.? Well, you have found us!

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