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Curious about professional deep steam carpet cleaning? You’ve found the experts.

We recognize how valuable crisp and spotless carpets are for your home. We have a certain passion for the restoration process. Bringing something that’s dirty looking to perfectly clean is fun for us!

For the most part of our 2 decades in business, we have been cleaning carpets using the deep steam cleaning method or better known as hot water extraction.

What we do:

1 – Thorough vacuuming will be performed. This is essential before we can go to deep steaming. For this, we will use our special, commercial grade vacuum.

2 – Next, we will prime the carpet for deep steaming by spraying the fabric with our special hypoallergenic solution.

3 – Then we do the deep steaming process. At very high pressure, hot water will be sprayed onto the carpet. This will loosen up grime and dirt that have latched onto the surface for carpet. The machine to will then draw everything out. The germs and the solution that we sprayed before.

There you have it, the carpet is now as good as new.

We can turn the dirtiest, muddiest carpet into looking like they have just been purchased! Thanks to the magic of deep steam cleaning.

We make sure our cleaning technicians only use the highest quality equipment and best industry practices. With years of mastery in cleaning carpets, we can work wonders no matter how bad the stains or how deep the dirt is.

After this process, you’ll get fresh, brand new looking carpets that’ll spruce up your home giving it a sense of warmth and cleanliness.

We can be reached on (631) 212-0900 to answer any question and lock in your booking.

Exactly Who Are We? As Well As What Skills Do We Deliver? - Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

Incase you are sure that somebody from Amagansett previously got deep steam carpet cleaning performed. Then, there is a high probability our business performed the actual work. Since 1999, for around 20 years, our team have actually been one of the most widespread names in the field.

Our organization has an extremely strong track record that we have built across a lengthy time period. We constantly receive phone calls coming from client's friends, family and business acquaintances trying to book in our services. Why? Because our organization gets the work done correctly.

- 100 percent peace of mind promise.

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- 'We clean, you relax' happens to be our own slogan!

As soon as you reserve with our company you are actually scheduling the very best! The employees never pay a visit to a customer's site till they go through our very own in-house coaching course and we provides them with the go-ahead.

From smaller tasks in a condo. Towards the high multi-story office complexes. We are able to handle any kind of jobs you want done.

Our friendly team is standing by ready to give you a free quote. Call today on (631) 212-0900.