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Are you looking to rent a carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpets for your home or business in Amagansett?

To keep a long story short. DIY carpet cleaning is a bad idea. The machines are ok, they are average, but the problems come with the lack of experience from the user. It’s too easy to damage your carpet and cause hundreds if not thousands in damages.

The reality is that after 20 or so years in the carpet cleaning business we have seen our fair share of damaged carpets through botched DIY jobs. We have seen it all, from a carpet that has been ripped apart, to the wrong cleaning chemicals used that have caused horrible discoloration.

So the goal here today is really to save you’re a headache that you could cause going the DIY route hiring a cleaning machine from the store. You don’t even have to call us about our services. Heck, why not call us. Get a quote and then shop around. We really don’t care. What we are trying to do here today is save you from being another victim of a carpet cleaning DIY disaster. That’s it!

What it actually comes down to is the fact that there are not all that many ways to clean carpet but if you are not trained in doing it the right way you can cause damages. Or if you use a cleaning method that is suitable for one type of carpet on the wrong carpet you can cause damages.

On occasion, and have to laugh, as we get a customer calling us and explaining they want a professional service. And they ask very particular questions like what machines we use and so on.

Most of the time, this is due to the fact that we are the second company they have called. The first was a booking they made and some random person impersonated being a highly experienced carpet cleaning professional. But showed up in an unmarked car (no company branding) and a rug doctor.

Like we said before, we can only laugh, as we side with these customers. We know why they never let the person clean their carpets and we are more than happy to answer all their questions when they call us with a bit of skepticism. Which is always dissolved by the time we are done talking and get them booked in.

The best way to look at it is like this. There are no DIY machines that cover all possible situations and if you do something wrong it’s going to cost you. Your insurance company will investigate and likely won’t even payout damages.

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