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Curious about the average costs of carpet cleaning?

Well the answer to that question is somewhat like the answer to how long a piece of string is. There is really no set answer. It depends on the size of the property if there are stairs and landings. If stain removal is needed, how accessible the property is (think high rise condo vs house). This is just to name a few things to consider.

If a company provides pricing without a proper assessment of the factors above. You should be wary as you’ll end up paying a heck of a lot more after they’ve talked to you. This is a common bait and switch tactic.

The breakdown below is a good basis of how much professional carpet cleaning usually costs. But these prices are not set and will change upon proper assessment.

Cost per Room: $50 to $75

Smaller Houses: $150 to $250

Large Houses: $300 to $500

Steps: $2 to $4 Each / Landing: $15 to $20 Each

If you call us today we can have a quick chat to you. It will only take a few minutes and we can give you an accurate quote. The above list is just an average.

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All About Our Service And Also Knowledge - Price For Carpet Cleaning

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