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If you are in an emergency situation as you just had something spill on the carpet then stop reading right now. Get in touch ASAP as we can help you no matter what time of day it is!

If your accident just happened you need to deal with it ASAP. Get some paper towels or serviettes. Lay them on the excess liquid that is still on the carpet and let them soak up everything. Then when that is done dab a new dry serviette lightly on the stain. Don’t rub as you will make things worse!

If your emergency is due to flooding and you still have not turned off the water in your property stop what you are doing and turn off the water right now!

Don’t forget that the faster you act. The better chance you have to preserve your carpets from permanent damage. Once you are done with the above instructions call us ASAP. Are you finished with what you read above and ready to get us to come out to your property to deal with the emergency? Call us now to get booked in.

Want some insider information on how to preserve your carpet after an emergency? You can spill whatever you like on your carpet. Heck, you could go and purposely empty a bottle of red wine on your carpet right now if you like! Or two for that matter!

It really doesn’t matter. As long as you get the stain removed as fast as possible. The longer you leave a stain to settle the higher the risk of the carpet getting permanently damaged.

When we come out to your property to clean we will arrive prepared with the top brands of commercial cleaning equipment that will do the jobs right, the first time.

There is no stain that we can’t get rid of. There is no carpet odor that we can’t remove. There is no carpet that we can’t bring back to looking like it was when it was just installed.

We have over two decades of experience in cleaning carpets. Dealing with stains, regular deep steam cleaning, and emergencies. If you have an issue with your carpet we have the team ready to go to help right now.

Book now on (631) 212-0900 – Our staff are waiting to take your call!

All About Our Business As Well As Experiences - 24 Hour 7 Days Carpet Cleaning

We've been a local business who enjoys giving 24 hour emergency carpet cleaning as well as comparable cleaning services for close to 20 years in and around Amagansett.

Possibly you have worked with some other service providers that did not satisfy your personal needs? Well, your headaches are definitely done. As soon as our company cleans, we get the task performed the right way the 1st time. In-fact, we do not get people inquiring with us to return to fix anything. As each and every thing is carried out right the very first time.

- 100% peace of mind promise.

- Our very own team are properly protected and vetted.

- Emergency? Our company can easily help you AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE!

- 'We clean, you relax' is our personal motto!

Before hitting the road as well as seeing a client's property all workers go through a very thorough in house training program. When our company arrives at your residential property. You will know that there is a very qualified specialist doing work.

From simple tasks in some kind of home. Towards giant multi-story office complexes. We're able to undertake any sort of job you want done.

Call us on (631) 212-0900 to get a quote today!