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One of the most frequent questions we get asked is whether carpets will be shampooed or not. Carpet shampoo cleaning was a popular type of service until about the ’70s.

For the most park shampooing a carpet to get it clean is a dead cleaning method. This is because deep steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction) has taken over due to the faster drying times. It’s almost impossible to find information on carpet shampooing or actually try to find a company that will do it for you.

Comparing the two cleaning methods, deep steam cleaning would be regarded as a better option for so many reasons. One would be the equipment used is much lighter making it easier to use and carry around. The other is that it saves a lot of time as it dries up quickly. The method only uses steam. If shampooed, thick layers of the soap will seep into the carpet requiring repeated and thorough washing. Therefore it will take a long time to dry up.

After all the trouble of carpet shampooing, there will be a soap residue left over. And it will fell a little sticky.

It will now become easier for dirt to accumulate on the carpet once it’s sticky therefore you’ll have to clean it more often. The chemicals used in the process will also give the carpet a yellowish stain in the future.

In this day and age, your carpet has to be completely soiled, deeply stained and almost blackened by accumulated dirt for years to resort to shampooing your carpet. For the most part, no residential situation will fall into that scenario.

While these situations can rationalize shampoo cleaning. It is still indisputable that deep steam cleaning can efficiently bring even carpets in such conditions back to life.

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A Bit Regarding Our Skills As Well As Our Team - Carpet Wet Shampoo Cleaning

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