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How much does carpet cleaning usually cost?

There is no definitive standard cost to professional carpet cleaning. Costs usually depend on a number of things. These include, but is not limited to, size of the property, accessibility of location, the intensity of the cleaning required.

Those “prices start at $20” adverts seem promising. But once you get to talk to them you’ll end up getting a quote for about 10x more. Some companies do this just to get your attention making them untrustworthy.

To give you an idea, below can be a good basis for a rough comparison of carpet cleaning costs. Please do note however that this is just an estimate.

Cost per Room: $50 to $75

Smaller Houses: $150 to $250

Large Houses: $300 to $500

Steps: $2 to $4 Each / Landing: $15 to $20 Each

The above is a very average look at carpet cleaning prices. This is by no means a quote at all and it really is best to call us for real pricing.

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