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Nothing beats coming home to snuggles from your loving pets after a long tiring day. It’s just something all pet owners cherish.

No matter how you try to avoid it, the mess will still come with pets.

You might find muddy paw prints on the rugs after walking the dog outside. Or just simply a little urine accident happening on the carpet while the kitty isn’t still potty trained.

You could try to remove pet urine stains with common household cleaning solutions. But, even if successful, over time the carpet will get discolored and the awful smell may still come back.

While it’s hard for you to notice the smells in your own home, especially with DIY cleaned pet urine stains on the carpet, your guests will smell these foul odors immediately. It can get really bad causing them to leave.

The best way to get rid of pet urine stains is to call the experts (that’s us) who use only special solution and commercial grade equipment.

There will be infectious odor-causing bacteria left by your pet’s urine on the carpet and it has to be eliminated completely. We can confidently clean up any pet stains, whether fresh or years old. However, the sooner you call, the less damage there will be in your carpets.

Remember, your pooches, kitties or any other pet you have love you more than anything in this world. So spare them from the yelling because of the accident and give them a pat! It’s better to train them properly, than yell.

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