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Until about the 1970s, carpet shampoo cleaning was a very popular type of service. But, not so much anymore. Still, almost in every other inquiry we get brings up shampoo.

For the most park shampooing a carpet to get it clean is a dead cleaning method. This is because deep steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction) has taken over due to the faster drying times. It’s almost impossible to find information on carpet shampooing or actually try to find a company that will do it for you.

In general, deep steam cleaning is the preferred cleaning method. One of the pluses is that its lightweight equipment is in much easier to operate. Another plus is that it dries up remarkably quicker as it only uses steam during the cleaning process. While the shampoo process would mean you’d have to wait longer for carpets to dry as it would require intensive rinsing to remove thick layers of soap that seep into the carpet.

After the painstakingly long time of waiting for the cleaning process to finish. The carpet will still be left with a sticky feeling to it.

Dirt will accumulate faster on the carpet now that it’s sticky giving you the hassle of needing to clean it more regularly. Yellowish stains will also be apparent over-time because of the behavior of the chemicals used in the process.

With the presence of better methods, shampoo cleaning is almost never used. Unless it’s the worst carpet situation like those really heavy stains, mud, and practically black looking carpets. And the carpet has been like this for years.

Generally speaking, the above conditions can justify the use of shampoo cleaning method. But nonetheless, even carpets in such state can easily be cleaned to a new like state with deep steam cleaning.

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