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Dry carpet cleaning is a type of specialized carpet cleaning method. Unlike deep steam cleaning this method doesn’t use steam or water and is as the name describes ‘dry’.

It’s very effective and very comparable to other professional carpet cleaning methods. For the most part, it’s used in commercial settings where it’s not possible for the business to wait for hours to have carpets dry as staff need to work. But it can also be used in the home.

This type of carpet cleaning works by using bio-degradable cleaning powders on your carpet that absorb all the dirt and bacteria like a sponge.

After the powder has done its job to suck up dirt. A unique type of machine is then used to push the powder into the carpet. The opposite of the deep steam cleaning process. Special motorized bush heads are used for this. When the powder is pushed even further into the carpet it allows it to suck up all the grime, dirt and bacteria that is hidden deep in the carpet fibers.

The final step is a high powered vacuum that sucks up all the powder. Leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

If you have children or animals and are worried about the powder that is used. There is nothing to worry about. The powder is 100% bio-degradable and safe for human and animals to come into contact with. Naturally, that means it shouldn’t be consumed. But it also means that is some gets on your fingers it’s not dangerous.

While dry carpet cleaning has its advantages especially when there is zero dry time it’s unlikely that it’s going to become as popular as deep steam cleaning any time soon.

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