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Getting rid of stubborn stains on carpets is what we do best! We offer a professional carpet stain removal service that won’t break the bank. Do not attempt to clean the stains yourselves. Particular stains have specific ways to be removed. If done wrong, it can make the damage worse.

Our experience on the job over the years has helped us perfect our stain removal procedures. For over 20 years, we have been dealing with almost every stain.

We will work on virtually any stain imaginable that has been defacing your precious carpets. It won’t matter if it’s a small spot that just happened or if it’s a deeply seated stain that’s been untouched for years. We can get rid of them all!

We can deal with any, but not limited to the following stains:

Coffee, beer, juices, soft drinks, soda, chocolate, milk, ice cream, melted candies, eggs, fish, dips and sauces, jam, tomatoes, cooking oil, butter or margarine,mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, syrup, red wine, fresh fruits, ink, colored markers, permanent or dry erase, crayons, paint, thinner, varnish, candle wax, gum, mud, flood, grass, flower stains, engine oils, grease, blood, sweat, pet urine, human vomit or poop (yes, we can do it!), lotion, nail polish, lipstick, shampoo, and shaving cream.

We’ll remove all kinds of carpet stains for you, whether it’s on the list or not.

The only thing you can do the moment you spill something on your carpet is to try and soak up excess liquid using a paper towel. Just dab the towel lightly (do not rub!) onto the surface until almost dry.

CAUTION: If you’ve more or less decided to book a professional then avoid trying DIY removal methods. It’ll just worsen the stain and push it deeper into the fabric.

You might hear people tell you to use varnish on the stain. This is not true! Never use it if you don’t want the stain to worsen.

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Know Thy Business And Thy Skills - Stain Removal

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Well before hitting the road and seeing a customer's premises all workers go through a very comprehensive in-house instruction course. When our company comes at your residential property. You will know that you will get a highly competent specialist doing work.

Locating the right corporation is fifty percent of the challenge in the trade. We'll joyfully undertake little work which need a little fix. And, accept major business jobs that really need large teams involved. As well as all things in between. We are an extremely flexible organization.

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