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Shampooing of carpets used to be a hit cleaning service until not later than the 1970s. The funny thing is almost every other booking inquiry we get end up with a customer asking whether carpets will be washed with shampoo.

Carpet shampoo cleaning is now generally regarded as an outdated cleaning method. Thanks to the introduction of deep steam cleaning or hot water extraction which offers a much quicker drying period than the former. This makes it almost an impossible to find a company that still does carpet shampooing.

In fact, there are a number of reasons why deep steam cleaning is a much better cleaning method than shampooing. It is easier to use as the equipment is much lighter. It is also less time consuming as it dries up much faster. Shampooing would mean thorough rinsing with water which soaks the carpet taking longer to completely dry out. Whereas the alternative only uses steam.

Then, after what seems to an age waiting for the carpet to dry up you will still notice a sticky residue left on the carpet.

Grime will build up over time on the sticky residue. More carpet cleaning will be required over time. The shampoo chemicals will over time also give a permanent yellowish stain to your carpets.

In this day and age, only the worst carpet scenarios will call for shampoo cleaning. Such as a thick dark muddy stain, thick grime and a carpet that pretty much looks black and has been for years.

Essentially, the above conditions are enough can justify shampooing your carpet. But, even for the worst cases like this deep steam cleaning can still easily restore your carpet too as good as new.

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