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Shampooing of carpets used to be a hit cleaning service until not later than the 1970s. The funny thing is almost every other booking inquiry we get end up with a customer asking whether carpets will be washed with shampoo.

In fact, washing a carpet with shampoo is already an obsolete cleaning method. This is mainly due to a more efficient method called deep steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction) which dries up significantly faster than shampooing. That is why it can be a pain finding a company that will still shampoo carpets in modern times.

Deep steam cleaning has a number of pros over carpet shampoo cleaning. First is that the equipment used is lighter, therefore, it is effortless to use. Second, because the service only uses steam, it takes less time to dry out compared to shampooing. Where the carpet will have to be rigorously rinsed to remove rich shampoo layers.

After a long wait, the carpet will be clean but you’ll still notice a sticky feeling of residue left over.

Because of this sticky residue, it will be easier for dirt to accumulate on the carpet so it’ll need to be cleaned more often. The chemicals in the shampoo will also later stain the carpet with a yellow like effect.

In current times, you’ll only find a company willing to do shampoo carpet cleaning if the situation really calls for it. An example of this could be deeply stained and dirty, grimy black carpet.

Technically, a situation like this could use a shampoo carpet cleaning. But even carpets in the worst conditions can effortlessly be rehabilitated with the modern deep steam cleaning.

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