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Are you thinking about getting your carpets professionally cleaned but are wondering what the average cost will be?

It would be hard to tell how much an average cost will be until a real assessment was made. There are a lot of factors to consider. To name a few; we usually look at the size of the property, how easily accessible it is (High rise apartment vs. house), if stain removal is required,etc.

Be careful about companies that provide prices without proper assessments. Especially those who run adverts saying “$20 carpet cleaning” or the like. Usually, these companies already know it’s going to cost you a minimum $200 but still run these ads anyway.

A good basis for carpet cleaning would be more or less the pricing breakdown provided below.

Cost per Room: $50 to $75

Smaller Houses: $150 to $250

Large Houses: $300 to $500

Steps: $2 to $4 Each / Landing: $15 to $20 Each

Keep in mind this is just average pricing. Call us for a real quote.

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Know Thy Firm And Thy Experiences - Prices For Our Carpet Cleaning

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