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Just had a stain accident happen? We can help with our budget-friendly carpet stain removal. We work on any kind of stain, no matter how deep. Leave the stain removal to us. Using inaccurate removal methods could possibly do more harm to your carpets than good. As each stain has a particular way of being removed.

For over 20 years in the carpet cleaning industry; practically every other booking we get deals with the removal of stubborn carpet stains. Therefore, our certified carpet stain removal system has been fully developed and is ready to help fight any stains you might be dealing with.

Regardless of if the accident just happened or if the stain has been untouched for years. We can get rid of virtually any type of stain imaginable that has been defacing your precious carpets.

Below are stains we can help you get rid of:

Fruit juice, coffee, tea, soy sauce, ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise, chocolate, syrup, Red wine, ink, permanent or whiteboard markers, pop, soft drinks or fizzy drinks, food stains, alcohol, blood, pet urine, mud, dirt, beer, paint, fat, oil, butter or cooking grease, salad dressing, petroleum jelly or Vaseline, lipstick or other cosmetic stains, candle wax, human waste like vomit or poop (yes, we deal with it!)!

We can eliminate any stain no matter what it is. Even those that may not be listed above.

For carpet emergencies, the most that you should do is grab a paper towel and pat it on the affected area to absorb as much of the liquid as you can. Do not rub the carpet! Just gently blot until there’s nothing to soak up any more.

WARNING: If you’ll be booking a professional stain removal service. Please refrain from trying to DIY remove the stain. You wouldn’t want to risk deepening the stain into the fabric of the carpet. As it might actually be harder for a professional like us to get it out. And while you had good intentions. It can actually end up costing you more money.

It is also not true what you might have heard that varnish can remove stains. In fact, it will only make it worse.

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Who Are We? And Precisely What Experiences Do We Carry Out? - Stain Removal Service

Our company is definitely one of the absolute best and respected corporations with regard to carpet cleaning stain removal around Aquebogue, N.Y.. We have actually been working within the community going back twenty years give or take.

Sick of needing to call back a firm as things happened to be still dusty? Well, our company the complete exact opposite. We've got a little internal team principle referred to as 'once and done'. We by no means leave a premise until the consumer is actually satisfied and we acknowledge there's no possible chance our company might end up being phoned to restore some thing. We get it done properly, the first time!

- 100 percent fulfillment guarantee.

- Our people are actually entirely covered by insurance and vetted.

- Require exact same day service? Our company can easily help out!

- 'We clean, you relax' is our catchphrase!

Our group consists of simply the very best in and around town. We do not simply pick everyone. Our company also do not work with trainees. Our company just work with skilled people together with several years of previous work knowledge.

We have handled cleaning on a daily basis. Be it that smaller once off jobs. Whether it is that small once off tasks that is necessary all the way toward recurring company clientele that want our services on a routine basis.

(631) 212-0900 is our number. Get booked in now! Call today.