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A lot of the service inquiries we get asked the question of if our cleaning methods include shampooing. Carpet shampoo washing used to be a very popular service from way back in the 1970s.

Nowadays it is difficult to find information on carpet shampoo cleaning. And very hard to find a company that still does this service. This is mainly due to newer cleaning technology called deep steam cleaning or hot water extraction. It has become well favored for its faster drying time.

Comparing the two cleaning methods, deep steam cleaning would be regarded as a better option for so many reasons. One would be the equipment used is much lighter making it easier to use and carry around. The other is that it saves a lot of time as it dries up quickly. The method only uses steam. If shampooed, thick layers of the soap will seep into the carpet requiring repeated and thorough washing. Therefore it will take a long time to dry up.

Then, after waiting for the carpet to completely dry up, you will still feel as though the carpet has a sticky residue left over on the surface.

It will now become easier for dirt to accumulate on the carpet once it’s sticky therefore you’ll have to clean it more often. The chemicals used in the process will also give the carpet a yellowish stain in the future.

With the presence of better methods, shampoo cleaning is almost never used. Unless it’s the worst carpet situation like those really heavy stains, mud, and practically black looking carpets. And the carpet has been like this for years.

Technically, a situation like this could use a shampoo carpet cleaning. But even carpets in the worst conditions can effortlessly be rehabilitated with the modern deep steam cleaning.

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