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One of the most frequent questions we get asked is whether carpets will be shampooed or not. Carpet shampoo cleaning was a popular type of service until about the ’70s.

Now, a more updated method of cleaning that’s based on newer technology is deep steam cleaning or hot water extraction. This service provides a much quicker drying time than carpet shampooing, which is why it is almost impossible to find companies that will still wash your carpets with shampoo.

Generally, we can say that deep steam cleaning is a better alternative to shampooing. One reason is that the apparatus is lighter making it easier to use. Another is that it is much faster to dry because the procedure only uses steam, verses shampooing which dries up much longer. Imagine it is like soaking your carpet in a washing machine to completely rinse off excess soap.

After the long process of carpet shampooing, then the drying time, the carpet will still be left with a sticky feeling on the surface due to the soap residue.

It will now become easier for dirt to accumulate on the carpet once it’s sticky therefore you’ll have to clean it more often. The chemicals used in the process will also give the carpet a yellowish stain in the future.

In this day and age, your carpet has to be completely soiled, deeply stained and almost blackened by accumulated dirt for years to resort to shampooing your carpet. For the most part, no residential situation will fall into that scenario.

Overall, these conditions are enough to rationalize shampooing your carpets. However, it’s really not needed as there is nothing deep steam cleaning can’t do.

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