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This type of service was widely popular until about the 1970s. But the funny thing is practically every second call we get to book our services end up in a conversation about if the carpet will be shampooed.

Most companies would regard carpet shampoo cleaning as outdated. A more advanced cleaning method called deep steam cleaning (aka hot water extraction) has taken over and has been a hit due to its quicker drying time. This is why it can be a pain looking for companies that will still do carpet shampooing for you.

Deep steam cleaning is considered a much better method in a lot of aspects. Lightweight machinery is used making it more accessible for general use. The drying time is also significantly faster as it only uses steam compared to shampooing which would soak the carpet with shampoo layers that would then require thorough rinsing.

After all the waiting, you’ll end up a bit disappointed to feel the carpet has got quite a sticky. This is a residue left over from the shampoo.

Dirt will accumulate faster on the carpet now that it’s sticky giving you the hassle of needing to clean it more regularly. Yellowish stains will also be apparent over-time because of the behavior of the chemicals used in the process.

It’s almost impossible to find a company that still does shampoo cleaning unless your carpet is in a very hopeless situation like it hasn’t been cleaned for years. There are a thick grime layer and deep stains underneath.

Generally speaking, the above conditions can justify the use of shampoo cleaning method. But nonetheless, even carpets in such state can easily be cleaned to a new like state with deep steam cleaning.

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