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DIY carpet cleaning can save you a good amount of cash vs hiring a professional in Bay Hills. But is it worth the risk? Read below to find out.

To keep a long story short. DIY carpet cleaning is a bad idea. The machines are ok, they are average, but the problems come with the lack of experience from the user. It’s too easy to damage your carpet and cause hundreds if not thousands in damages.

We have been in this business for over twenty years now. So as you can imagine we have seen everything there is to see with DIY mistakes. That is why we are saying don’t do it! Most people actually make things worse with DIY cleaning. This is just tough love from us. Sometimes it’s needed. This is not about winning your business this is about saving you money.

The real goal here today is a simple one. To make you understand that…


It’s that simple. If you call us today to get a quote then we will happily help you out. If you don’t. We don’t mind. We know that we have stopped a disaster in your home and that’s what matters to us.

Each type of carpet needs to be cleaned in a different manner. A one-stop shop does not work for carpets. Just like you wouldn’t go to a local doctor who sees you for 10 minutes and expect him to fix a serious issue on the spot. He would refer you to the right specialized doctor.

We have actually had several jobs over the years that have been second bookings for our customers. The first is generally one that never took place as it was just a random person showing up at their house or place of business with a rug doctor claiming to be an expert running a carpet cleaning company.

To wrap this up. Take this perspective and answer the following question. Be honest…

Are you a professional with years of experience in cleaning carpets?

Yes: Well, you’d never use a cheap DIY machine and you know it!

No: Then it’s time to hire the professionals.

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Know Thy Corporation And Thy Skills - Diy Carpet Cleaners Machine Rentals

twenty years in-business! This is exactly how long our firm have already been offering carpet cleaner rental for Bay Hills, Ny.

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