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Shampooing of carpets used to be a hit cleaning service until not later than the 1970s. The funny thing is almost every other booking inquiry we get end up with a customer asking whether carpets will be washed with shampoo.

Most companies would regard carpet shampoo cleaning as outdated. A more advanced cleaning method called deep steam cleaning (aka hot water extraction) has taken over and has been a hit due to its quicker drying time. This is why it can be a pain looking for companies that will still do carpet shampooing for you.

There are a lot of advantages to deep steam cleaning over shampooing. For one, it uses a piece of much lighter equipment. Another is the much quicker drying time. Before, you will have to wait a long time for carpets to dry up as repeated rinsing was required to wash out thick layers of shampoo. While hot water extraction only uses steam.

Then, after what seems to an age waiting for the carpet to dry up you will still notice a sticky residue left on the carpet.

In effect, the carpet will collect more dirt because of the sticky residue which will then mean you’ll have to have it cleaned more often. Yellow blotches will also appear over time as a reaction to the chemicals in the shampoo.

In recent times, only the worst case scenarios call for companies to do carpet shampoo cleaning. For example, if the carpets are almost black with stains and grime has accumulated for years.

Generally in a commercial setting, this could be a justifiable reason to shampoo the carpet. But even then a carpet like that can easily be cleaned to look like new with deep steam cleaning.

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