Massapequa Preserve is a 423 acre of land located in the center of Massapequa. It's home to woodlands, freshwater wetlands and lakes that border Massapequa Creek along with other natural features. The preserve also provides you access to nature without being deep into it for miles!

The reservoir is a large body of water that features numerous physical structures. As it spans over 50 square miles, the reservoir offers many benefits to those who live nearby.

The preserve is an oasis in the middle of Nassau County that was created by some caring humans. Massapequa has been named one of the most beautiful locales around, and this beauty comes from volunteer groups who work hard to maintain nature's ecosystems there.

For years, the Massapequa Preserve has been an integral part of the community. Originally owned by New York City's water supply property and acquired by Nassau County in 1981 after being a private hunting ground for many decades before that, it is now overseen internally at Nassau County Department of Recreation and Parks.

The people who make this possible are numerous - from those involved with producing brochures to advertise hikes or educational programs offered there (like birdwatching) to those who help maintain hiking trails so they're always well groomed!

Massapequa Preserve is home to several types of wildlife. As someone frequents the preserve, common animals to see are birds, squirrels, chipmunks, snakes and raccoons. You might also find rabbits or even a blue jay! Also, deer, coyotes and even eagles soaring overhead on some occasions.

Massapequa Preserve offers multiple small bodies of water to explore, including a reservoir. The Massapequa Reservoir is known for being one of the most popular fishing spots on Long Island and may be stocked with fish more often than any other pond in New York State! This might have something to do with it drawing crowds every time trout are introduced into its waters - twice per year during the spring and fall. Other common catches include largemouth bass, rainbow or brown trout (sometimes both), sunnies, carp, catfish and pickerels; locals love that these ponds offer easy access without getting too far from home!

Other than fishing you can take boat tours on the lake, picnics at designated areas such as General Store Pines or Equestrian Center Hillside Field, fishing in one of four ponds for rainbow trout throughout the summer months from April 1st until November 30th with catch limits enforced by DEC regulation 365 days out year including holidays), and wildlife viewing opportunities for all types of critters living around its shores!

The physical features of the reservoir:

Maximum Depth: 6 feet 
Elevation: 6 feet
Shoreline Length: 4910 feet
Area: 20 Acres

The Massapequa Preserve trail is a beautiful place to explore, but it's important that you follow the guidelines. There are many signs with pictures on them at the beginning of this trail along Ocean Avenue so you know which behavior should be avoided and what can't happen in order for nature to grow healthy and strong.

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