When you are looking for a destination to spend the day with family and friends, James Caples Memorial Park is one of the best in Amityville. The park offers activities for children and adults alike such as walking trails, bike paths, basketball courts, playgrounds and so much more! Plus it's conveniently located just minutes from Jones Beach State Park where visitors can enjoy many different water sports like sailing snorkeling, boating, and fishing.

James Caples Memorial Park is the perfect destination for those looking to spend some time outdoors with family and friends. The park has a large sandy beach, two children's playgrounds as well as sports facilities such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball fields.

Visitors can also enjoy boating on Fire Island Bay or bring their own kayak or canoe from home! There are frequent opportunities for sailing training too - just make sure you pack your sunscreen before heading down to the beach. Finally, there are outdoor films at James Caples Memorial Park every Saturday night throughout July & August! These movies start at dusk so don't forget your flashlight if you want to walk around once it gets dark out.

The park offers many events and concerts throughout the year such as their annual Summer Concerts in the Park series which takes place every Friday evening from June 17th until August 22nd at dusk. There are also family-friendly movies on Saturdays during July (July 14-August 25) that commence each week with a free sing-along.

In addition to the beautiful sandy beach with its lifeguards, James Caples Memorial Park offers many other activities for swimmers of all ages. There are two pools and a diving tower that can be used by guests at no additional cost. The park's larger pool is split into different sections so it's perfect for people who want to swim laps or just play around in the water. And don't forget your sunscreen!

The James Caples Memorial Park offers many sailing activities. There are two yacht clubs in the park for visitors to enjoy, and both offer lessons that last all day or just a few hours. For those who want more of an adventure, there is also, wet sail! This activity involves actually getting into the water while they're out on their boat.

The James Caples Memorial Park has a very interesting history. The land for the park was donated in 1902 by George B. Jameson, and it became one of the first public parks around Amityville. There are some records that show an amusement area at this location as early as 1904! What's more, is that during World War II there was a fleet of PT boats located on-site to help with coastal defense from invaders such as Japan or Germany!

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