Tucked away on the southern boundary of Amityville, Peterkin Park offers a variety of amenities for children and families. With a playground that is constantly updated with new equipment, visitors are sure to find something they enjoy. There's also plenty of green space for outdoor games like soccer or baseball, as well as an area set aside just for dog walking and picnicking! Here let's discuss some of the recent changes in Peterkin Park - including what amenities have been added recently - while highlighting some other fun things you can do there!

It all started with the playground. Recently additions to Peterkin Park's equipment include a new swing set, as well as a gazebo for shade and seating - not to mention plenty of interesting play structures that are perfect for small children! There is also an area specifically designated for smaller kids.

There has been work done on the pond to make it more community-friendly, too! The old rotting bridge has been replaced with a new boardwalk that you can walk across. It's not even just for walking - if you stop at the end of the bridge there is plenty of room to fish and feed ducks who come up when they catch sight of your food!

There are many programs and activities that children can participate in at Peterkin Park. These include a summer-time program, holiday events like Halloween parties or Easter egg hunts, traditional birthday celebrations with friends -- anything you might want your child to be involved in! The park also hosts an annual event called "Shark Week" where kids get the chance to swim and play with sharks in the pond.

Summer-time program: The summer-time event includes a variety of games, crafts activities, movies & popcorn at nightfall, plus more! Your child will be able to enjoy these fun events while playing on the playground equipment or just relaxing in one of our many areas that are perfect for reading.

Halloween parties: The Amityville Parks Department has a lot of fun things planned this Halloween season including some new activities! There will be face painting, pumpkin carving, and more in the campfire area on October 25th from 12-12:45 pm. All children who participate will get to take home their pumpkin!

The Amityville Library is just a short walk from the playground and has free events for kids throughout the year. They also have books, magazines, DVDs & CDs of popular children's movies to rent as well! There are lots of restaurants nearby with outdoor patios that families can sit on during their lunch hour.

The Amityville Recreation Department has been working on a park renovation project. The first phase is to replace the wood chips at Peterkin Park with ground cover fillers and gravel, while also adding new equipment such as swing sets and monkey bars. This improvement will enhance safety for all of our children who use the playground!

We are also doing a project to install new playground equipment in the Amityville Recreation Center. The $150,000 grant we received from the state will be used for this project and it is expected that phase two of Peterkin Park renovation will also receive funding from our parks improvement program!

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