On Tuesday, September 20th, the proposed Village of Patchogue Community Garden site plan was approved. This will be an exciting development for this village that is in need of more green spaces. The 38 plots to grow plants and vegetables should be able to provide a great deal of healthy food for the residents and visitors alike.

The Village's Parks and Recreation Department has also been very supportive of this project by adding it as one of their priorities in the department's strategic plan.  With these new developments, it is important that they create rules and bylaws so that everyone can enjoy what they have created together with safety precautions in mind. With the goal of creating a more sustainable village, it is imperative to be mindful of what we are planting in our gardens and how they will affect not only ourselves but for future generations as well.

The Village of Patchogue Community Garden Committee has been doing an amazing job with raising funds for this project through various events including their annual plant sale that took place this past Saturday.

The Village of Patchogue is a progressive community that strives to be both sustainable and environmentally friendly in all their decisions which have made the approval of this project especially gratifying for them, as well as its supporters who are eagerly awaiting the opening date.

In anticipation for future gardeners, there will also be informational workshops on what is necessary to grow in a community garden. The project was approved unanimously by the Patchogue Village Board of Trustees and now we are looking forward to how it will be widely utilized for generations to come.

"Now that my daughter has been assigned her own plot, she's excited about sharing with us all the things she wants to grow," said one of the residents.

The Patchogue Village Board of Trustees unanimously approved the site plan for 38 plots at the community garden at 380 Bay Avenue, which is slated to become the new home of the Village's Parks and Recreation department. The approval was met with enthusiasm from residents and supporters who eagerly await its opening date this year.

The committee for the Village of Patchogue Community Garden was established to set rules and bylaws. The group met on a regular basis, discussing different topics which included how plots should be assigned, types of plants that may be grown in them, who will maintain the site and other considerations.

At present, there are 38 plots proposed for planting vegetables or flowers but more can also be added if needed. Local residents have expressed their interest in having gardens at this location so they could grow food from home instead of purchasing it from shops. They are pleased with what is happening here as this place could serve as an extension of their backyards where they can plant whatever fruit or vegetable they want without restrictions.

This is a good development for those interested in having their own gardens where they can grow food from home, instead of buying them at shops or markets. The group has made several considerations before coming up with these rules that should be followed when occupying this garden site so it would not turn out like other abandoned sites around here.

Soon enough, plots will be given to local residents who want to plant anything they want without any restrictions just like what happens in backyards. All discussions on how best to use the land are being welcomed as there could always be more suggestions on what could happen inside this community garden once fully developed or even expanded over time if needed.

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