Please allow me to introduce The Mather House Museum Complex. A house like this looks just like any other, right? In fact, it's only part of what makes it so fascinating, and in this blog, we will find out all the wonderful things this museum has to offer. 

Nevertheless, some introductions are necessary before we start with that. Hi! I'm Phil and I am a docent for the The Mather House Museum Complex - which means I am extremely biased! For more than a decade I have been blessed to be involved in this museum. 

Let me make the point that this blog is mine, and any opinions expressed here are mine, and the Port Jefferson Historical Society's view may or may not be the same. Because of this one must contact me rather than the Society if one disagrees with something that is written in this blog or if something upsets them. 

Having earned my master’s degree in Social Studies, I realized I was too qualified or rather, overpriced to teach in the high schools and junior highs. 

I was looking at getting into the museum field in the spring of 2009. I scoured all the museums on Long Island for potential jobs. It started with the Vanderbilt, and then Stony Brook with the Long Island Museum - and then Sag Harbor with a Whaling Museum. The places that you see are great places and I urge you to visit them but they are also places that did not need anyone during that time.

The Mather House Museum Complex was on the list, of course my first thought was the Mather Hospital, and I wasn't all that excited about a hospital museum. In my communications with her, Denice, I was very impressed with her abilities in keeping the museum running smoothly. Laura Warren, the house's curator, was introduced to me by Denice and I fell in love with the house on my first tour.

I have had the privilege of co-working with and getting to know some of the most devoted and wonderful individuals I have ever encountered. People like this are devoted to maintaining the history and future of a community, as well as helping to preserve its heritage and ensure its cultural diversity. There is something special about Port Jefferson itself. Yes, we got busy with tourists , whom we adore, but if one took a stroll down East Main Street and got to know some of our wonderful residents, then I think they would get what I am talking about. This town holds its history close to heart. 

There is no better place a historian could hope for.

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