The Father Tortora Park was one of the great places to visit among the many attractions in Patchogue Village back when it was a bustling town in the 1950s. With its playground, baseball field, and picnic tables, it became a favorite destination for many families in the area.  But as time went on, things changed drastically with the park's upkeep and maintenance came into question.

By 2010 when Hurricane Sandy hit New York State, Father Tortora Park had become an eyesore to the community with overgrown weeds overtaking most of its structures. It is now up to village officials to decide what will happen next with this beloved historic landmark which has served as much more than just a park for so many years.

The park has been closed for over six years now. The playground and picnic tables have been completely abandoned with the weeds taking over every inch of land, while all other structures are either falling apart or barely standing on their last few posts. But as time goes by, more than just a new coat of paint is needed to restore Father Tortora Park back to its former glory days where it was such an important part of so many people's lives.
In order for this project to be successfully completed without any setbacks or delays, village officials will need support from state and federal agencies in charge of funding which could help out with future maintenance costs after construction work is done. And there needs to be some kind of long-term planning that includes updated amenities, public art, and a master plan for the park that will be more holistic than just this one project.

Father Tortora Park is an iconic part of Patchogue Village history which filled so many people's lives with joy and happiness in its heyday. It needs to have some changes made in order to help restore it back into what it once was after being neglected for years on end.

The park will be redeveloped and re-opened in the near future. The new amenities include a playground for children, benches to sit on while enjoying nature or taking a walk with your pet, trees planted along the perimeter of the park, shrubs around some of these trees (to help beautify it), paths that can lead you from one end to another within Father Tortora Park without losing sight of anything else going on around you.

There are also plans for putting up an aluminum fence made out of recycled materials which is great because this type of material does not rust or rot over time. At night there might even have lights installed so people who enjoy being at parks after sundown should still feel safe as they explore all the different areas.

Father Tortora Park is a great place to go with your family and friends. The park has been completely rebuilt from the ground up after being closed for construction since 2017. It features a new playground, basketball courts, picnic area, dog run and more! Father Tortora Park is expected to reopen on July 18th, 2019 so make sure you visit soon before it's too late!

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