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Shampooing of carpets used to be a hit cleaning service until not later than the 1970s. The funny thing is almost every other booking inquiry we get end up with a customer asking whether carpets will be washed with shampoo.

A more modern cleaning method has taken over shampooing a carpet in current times. This is called deep steam cleaning or hot water extraction which has become more popular because it saves more time on drying. Because of this, not a lot of companies provide carpet shampooing nowadays.

Overall deep steam cleaning is better in many regards. The equipment is lighter equipment making it easy to use and the drying time is quite fast. In the past it took a very long time for carpets to dry as a thick layer of shampoo drenches the carpet and it needs to be washed out. It’s literally like turning on the washing machine for your carpet. Whereas hot water extraction just uses steam.

After a long wait, the carpet will be clean but you’ll still notice a sticky feeling of residue left over.

Dust and dirt will stick to this reside which would someday require a more intense cleaning which is counter-productive. Not to mention the chemicals of the shampoo will, later on, create a yellowish stain to the carpet.

Because of better alternatives, shampoo carpet cleaning is only called for on carpets with a really bad condition. Think thick grime, deep stains all over and almost untouched for years so all the germs have been pretty much left to bind very deeply into the carpet fibers.

Generally in a commercial setting, this could be a justifiable reason to shampoo the carpet. But even then a carpet like that can easily be cleaned to look like new with deep steam cleaning.

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