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Sleeping on a clean mattress shouldn’t be a luxury it should be the norm. If you have a dirty mattress we can help. We offer a professional mattress cleaning service in Bay Shore, New York.

When you get to that point where you run your finger across the top of your mattress and it feels sticky its way past due for a professional mattress clean. As time goes by your mattress builds up with allergens, sweet, germs and bugs. You need to look after your mattress just like you look after yourself.

If you consider your home to be a clean and happy place that means you need to look after your mattresses also!

If you don’t look after your mattress then over time you can cause health problems. Allergies can actually be aggravated by the germs and dirt that lives in your mattress. Just like someone with bad allergies can go into a sneezing frenzy when they are in a very dusty room. Or when they are around animal hair.

The longer you leave a stain on a mattress the lower the chance is that it will completely come out. For example, if there is a wine or blood stain that has been on a mattress for over a year it can always be professionally cleaned. And this is what we recommend to remove and odors and germs. But the visual stain itself may not completely come out as the fabric fibers of the mattress are badly damaged. The faster you can get a stain removed the better chance of the mattress looking like it never had a stain in the first place.

How do we clean your mattress? Well, it’s very similar to how we clean carpets. We use a special machine that pretty much does deep steam cleaning for carpets, but rather for mattresses.

While it might be a little bit of an inconvenience to have to have a mattress professionally cleaned it’s just part of life really. You sweet out about one cup of liquid each night Two if you sleep next to a partner. Imagine if you never washed your clothes knowing how much sweet they catch. Looking after your mattress will ensure you get a good night’s sleep and don’t breathe in bad allergens and other things.

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