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A lot of the service inquiries we get asked the question of if our cleaning methods include shampooing. Carpet shampoo washing used to be a very popular service from way back in the 1970s.

Most companies would regard carpet shampoo cleaning as outdated. A more advanced cleaning method called deep steam cleaning (aka hot water extraction) has taken over and has been a hit due to its quicker drying time. This is why it can be a pain looking for companies that will still do carpet shampooing for you.

There are a lot of advantages to deep steam cleaning over shampooing. For one, it uses a piece of much lighter equipment. Another is the much quicker drying time. Before, you will have to wait a long time for carpets to dry up as repeated rinsing was required to wash out thick layers of shampoo. While hot water extraction only uses steam.

Even after the carpet has dried up. It will still be left with a sticky feeling due to the remnants of shampoo that is left over.

Grime will build up over time on the sticky residue. More carpet cleaning will be required over time. The shampoo chemicals will over time also give a permanent yellowish stain to your carpets.

With the presence of better methods, shampoo cleaning is almost never used. Unless it’s the worst carpet situation like those really heavy stains, mud, and practically black looking carpets. And the carpet has been like this for years.

Essentially, the above conditions are enough can justify shampooing your carpet. But, even for the worst cases like this deep steam cleaning can still easily restore your carpet too as good as new.

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