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Do you have a dirty mattress that is in need of cleaning in Amagansett, New York? We will bring you mattress back to life by removing any stains and odors you might be dealing with.

Using normal things like bedsheets and mattress protectors doesn’t completely prevent a mattress from getting dirty over-time. And you don’t even need to spill anything directly on that mattress. It still gets dirty! A good way to think about how a mattress can act is just like your skin. While you cover your skin with say a pair of jeans. You still need to shower to clean your skin. Just like a mattress needs to be cleaned.

Keeping your mattresses clean in your home is very important for your health.

Dirty mattresses can actually be harmful to your health as you breathe in all the nasty things living in the mattress at night. If you don’t keep your mattress clean it can actually get worse over time. And if you suffer from allergies then you might wake up in the morning with aggravated allergies without being able to figure out what is causing the problem.

The longer you leave a stain on a mattress the lower the chance is that it will completely come out. For example, if there is a wine or blood stain that has been on a mattress for over a year it can always be professionally cleaned. And this is what we recommend to remove and odors and germs. But the visual stain itself may not completely come out as the fabric fibers of the mattress are badly damaged. The faster you can get a stain removed the better chance of the mattress looking like it never had a stain in the first place.

Our cleaning process for mattresses is quite simple. First, we vacuum the mattress with a special vacuum and then we deep steam clean to get rid of all the germs and sweat build up. About 30 minutes later your mattress is smelling fresh and clean.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to look after your mattress. It should be treated with care like any investment. As it’s an investment in your health. It’s not just a piece of fabric with spring.

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Know Thy Providers And Thy Knowledge - Dry Mattress Cleaning

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