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Furniture & Upholstery is what makes your place home. You could have the nicest house with the design of your dreams but without furniture and upholstery, it’s just an empty building.

As time goes by, furniture you own will collect sweat, dirt, and germs. A time will pass when you need a professional cleaning service.

You may be annoyed with a spot stain on the two-piece couch. Or maybe a guest spilled coffee on your dining chair. Or maybe someone sold you their pre-loved couch and you need to have it professionally cleaned. You’ve reached the experts. We can help with any situation.

Cleaning furniture and upholstery has been our expertise for around 20 years and we have dealt with almost all kinds of furniture & upholstery and fabric you can think of.

When you book in to have your upholstery & furniture cleaned with us you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are booking in an expert that is not only trained in safe and industry standard cleaning methods. But they have years of on the job experience.

The equipment we use is specific just for upholstery and furniture to ensure safety while we are deep cleaning. We believe in our own capabilities, so much that if you happen to have a problem with our service, you can drop us a line to discuss and we’ll be happy to come back and to make sure you are happy. But, we haven’t had such a call in 10 years. We have built a good reputation and are known as getting things done right the first time.

We will help you clean all kinds of upholstery you have in your home. No matter what kind.

It is possible to make use of the table listed below to select the actual solution in which you could be searching for across Rockville Centre.

Sofa Cleaning Furniture Cleaning Services Upholstery Cleaning Mattress Cleaning

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Exactly Who Are We? As Well As Exactly What Knowledge Do We Provide? - Upholstery Refresh Service

Incase you realize someone from Rockville Centre previously got performed. then there'ss a high probability we performed the actual job. Ever since 1999, for about 20 years, we have actually been the biggest names in the sector.

Background happens to be proof. Our company have numerous recurring clientele which wouldn't go elsewhere to look for the services our company offers. Our company is a very proud organization which stands next to their professional services. Whenever we get the job performed. Our company gets it complete right, the first time!

- 100 percent fulfillment promise.

- Our very own staff happen to be fully covered and vetted.

- We've got versatile reservation slots. We might be able to help reserve yourself today!

- 'We clean, you relax' happens to be our mantra!

Our personnel happens to be composed of simply the greatest in town. We do not just pick any person. We additionally never work with trainees. We only employ experienced people together with years of preceding work knowledge.

No matter how large or tiny. Exactly how thin or perhaps large. How tall or short. However, how you choose to describe the cleaning work you want to-be done. We are here to simply help get it completed.

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