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Nice upholstery & furniture brings life to a home. You can have your dream house built but if not filled with upholstery it’s just going to be fell ‘empty’. Kind of like a hotel. You’ll always feel like a guest.

It’s a given for furniture owners that in a matter time an unpleasant amount of build-up from dirt and bacteria will occur. The best solution is professional cleaning.

You can have a small spot on the dining chair, or maybe some food got on your mattress or headboard. Or you may have acquired a pre-loved sofa but don’t’ want to use it unless it has been professionally cleaned. Whatever it is, we can handle it for you.

With around 20 years of professionally cleaning upholstery and furniture, we have mastered cleaning all materials types.

We make sure our cleaning technicians are highly trained and only use the highest quality equipment and best industry cleaning practices. With years of mastery in cleaning furniture. They are the experts you want working on your upholstery and furniture.

We can guarantee no damages to your furniture & upholstery by using only specially designed machinery to clean them. We are confident with our expertise. But, if you feel you’re not happy with our service we’d gladly take your call to discuss this case. And offer a repeat cleaning for free. But in over 10 years, we have not had such a call. We are well-known for 100% client satisfaction, the first time around.

No matter what type of furniture & upholstery you have in your home, we will help you with your upholstery cleaning needs. We can get your sofas, bed, lounges, and others back to looking literally as good as new.

Why not make use of our list underneath to choose the type of service which you are actually looking for across North Hempstead.

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A Tiny Bit In Regards To Our Knowledge As Well As Our Service - Upholstery And Furniture Renewal Service

We're a neighborhood firm who has been offering and also related cleaning solutions for over 20 years in North Hempstead, New York.

There is actually a great reason why we've turned out to be the go-to company in town. Our team is known for doing the work once being finished! Our Organization never ever comes back to repair something that had been performed improperly. As every thing is carried out properly, the initial time, each time.

- 100% peace of mind assurance.

- Our employees will be totally covered and vetted.

- We offer very adaptable prearranged appointments. In the event that you will need our business immediately or maybe later in the week or month. We will assist.

- 'We clean, you relax' happens to be our very own motto!

Whenever you make your own booking our company make sure that you will have a exceptionally qualified specialist with countless years' experience with the service industry that will be managing the cleaning.

Only have a smallish project that should be complete? Or possibly are you presently placed near the opposite side of the range and are searching to engage for a big business enterprise and contract? We deal with every thing and anything. We possess the staff ready to go for any kind of scaled project.

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