Explore the over one million square feet resembling a hot air balloon, an actual Apollo Lunar Module, and 75 other air and spacecraft in the Cradle of Aviation Museum and discover Long Island's role in aviation and why LI is called the Cradle of Aviation.

Humans have been dreaming of flying since the beginning of recorded history. Experimentalists, including Long Islanders, solved some of the most basic design issues of an aircraft’s shape, its propulsion system, and its control system over the past four decades. During your visit to the Cradle of Aviation Museum, you will find one of the best collections of aerospace history.

The JetBlue Sky Theater Planetarium gives you the chance to experience cutting-edge technology at its best. The system, which is in all-digital format, will carry you to journeys you've never imagined. Enjoy 70mm films in the Leroy & Rose Grumman Dome Theater, the highest quality of film in the world —10 times the original size of a film. The Cradle of Aviation Museum offers a multitude of exhibits that are sure to motivate you.

The “Golden Age” of Flight – those two decades represented the advent of true aviation. Technology made enormous progress that allowed it to move from a dangerous activity to a profitable business. The Long Island manufacturing industry contributed greatly to aviation in this exciting time and became a major player in the local economy. Garden City, Long Island was home to many historic flights by dedicated pioneers of the sky, but the biggest event by far of the era was Charles Lindbergh's epic flight that revolutionized and popularized aviation. The Long Island aviation world became an international center during this colorful era.

Long Island played a key role in the production of military aircraft during World War II. These warplanes were of superior quality and produced in huge numbers for the military in the United States and foreign countries, and in all theatres of operations. In large numbers, women and minorities were included in the production of this monumental work, and the local residents provided the manpower necessary for its production.

One of humanity’s greatest adventures, it has been and continues to be, is a bold leap into the darkness that lies beyond the protective atmosphere of the Earth, a break with gravity that binds us to the planet. In just the last quarter century, Long Islanders have been a part of some of the most important historical events, including Sputnik, Apollo and the Space Shuttle – and Long Islanders have performed crucial roles throughout.

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