A new location of Cocozzelli's The Sweet Escape Bakery Inc at 771 Montauk Highway in Bayport, New York, which had originally been located in Holtsville, was opened last week. Since 2007, she has been working in the deli/catering industry.

The 26-year-old Stephanie Cocozzelli has had an exceptionally busy year. She had another baby in March, got married in September, sold one business and opened one in the same month during a global pandemic. "I guess you could say I'm always busy," she told us

The Sweet Escape Bakery Inc is a bakery located inside The Waverly Deli, the deli she bought from her father in 2017. For years she planned to open her bakery in a separate location, but she never found the right place — until now. The same week she opened her bakery, she also sold the deli. She told us that she had always known she wanted to be a business owner since a very young age. "Even though it's stressful and exhausting at times, I was born for it and I truly love baking." During the past couple months I have had my second child, been married in September, sold my deli in November and relocated my bakery in November. There seems to be a lot going on every day for me!"

Cozzi built the The Sweet Escape Bakery Inc with support from her husband, who is a business partner at the bakery, as well as family and friends.

"My dad built the store for me, as well as aunts, uncles, and friends coming to help me in the kitchen or at the cash register," she said. "I'm thankful for such a supportive group of people backing me." Cocozelli had to get creative in the early stages of the pandemic. She tried to stay afloat at the deli by offering lots of bakery specials. Furthermore, she began to deliver, which has greatly helped.

Today she's putting all her efforts into her newly opened American-style bakery, which specializes in French macarons, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, breads, and cakes. Even though Cocozelli said her restaurant only just opened, the Bayport community has already supported her. "There are so many positive things I have heard about Bayport," she said. I liked the town's support for small businesses and knew this was where I wanted to invest before signing my lease. Numerous people told me that this town needed a good bakery."

Her goal is to eventually teach baking classes next year.

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