According to Rich Comunale, the concept behind Momos Too Sports Bar & Grill in Bayport can be summed up in six words. “Customer service. Customer service. Customer service.” Ok. That’s the same message repeated three times. Still, the point is clear. That people come first.

He and his wife, Tracey, are planning the opening of Momos Too Sports Bar & Grill Sunday, which will be located in The Parrot Bar & Grill building on Montauk Highway around Bayport, New York. Rich Comunale, a 1998 Patchogue-Medford grad, opened MoMo’s in May of 2009 and it has become a place where everybody knows each other’s names.

In addition, the staff helps ensure everyone knows one another's names. “No one walks into this place without my asking what their name is,” argued Rich Comunale. “We build relationships with everyone who walks through the doors.” The husband and wife have both worked in hospitality before opening Momos Too Sports Bar & Grill. Rich Comunale mentioned during his time at Friday's Farmingville, when he worked as a bartender for seven years, that he learned a lot about customer service and quality control, which led him to open his first MoMo's in Bayport. Originally called The Garage Bar & Grill, Tracey Comunale, a 1997 Pat-Med graduate, was a waitress in this location during the early 2000s.

Despite the fact that they grew up a block apart in Medford and attended the same school together, the two had never met before they had their first conversation at Momos Too Sports Bar & Grill in Bayport. In 2012, they got married.

Tracey said this opening is even more special for her, because it has been a long time coming that they are opening their first restaurant as a married couple. The two of them wanted to start something together, she said. Tracey admitted how the Farmingville couple ended up in Bayport isn’t exactly a Hollywood romance. Parrot's owner told him he wanted to sell while he was at Restaurant Depot, she said.

This 2,000 square foot restaurant also has three outdoor decks and fifteen outdoor tables. We’ll just leave it up to Urban Dictionary for the full definition of what exactly MoMo’s means.

Besides food and drink, the giant side deck at MoMo’s Too offers cornhole tournaments all day long under the sun. Mini corn-hole is also being offered for their inside tables. A lot of work had been done in the early morning and late night to finish the renovation of the old Parrot restaurant in time for its opening on Sunday.

Our friends have helped us a lot,” Tracey said. New ones are about to be made.

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