Taking place on Saturday at 1 p.m., Colorful Visions Stained Glass art in Bayport, NY is hosting its annual art show, which will feature private studio tours and the chance to create a piece of glass with etchings. In case you've never been before, Colorful Visions Art and Glass Studio is exactly what it sounds like. Colorful. Vibrant. Beautiful. Colourful Visions is located attached to Bayport Bistro in a space where owners Sandy and Kathy Seff make finely handcrafted glass items.

For more than 25 years, the mother and daughter team from Bayport have worked in the glass-making industry. Sandy, the mother, started off as a hobby at home and gradually expanded into a business. Sandy opened her current shop in 2001.

As a child, Sandy was fascinated by colored glass. As a child I enjoyed watching the light shine through the glass and how it changed the image. When she was a young girl, Sandy's daughter, Kathy, 36, said that she had started working with her mother in their home studio.

"I got into glass artistry because I don't like doing dishes," she revealed chuckling. “I told her I'd offer to help her in the studio if she didn't have me do the dishes as a chore.” After a short time, Kathy fell in love with making glass sculptures, like her mother Sandy, and began creating glass vases. Since 2004, the artist's daughter has worked full time at the shop. Kathy said, "Well, there's nothing I like more than making dishes with a lot of colors and stripes."

The art shows began four years ago in order to generate business and to increase the number of special projects, including glass plaques and windows. In the present, Kathy said the team is working on creating a glass project for the Fire Department of New York and also for the FCC. At Friday's Chamber of Commerce Membership Appreciation Dinner, Colorful Visions Stained Glass will make special engraved plaques that will be given to attendees.

Kathy said that one factor that draws people to the art show is the discussions. In educating attendees, the Seffs explain what Tiffany means when talking about glass, such as in lamps and other glass objects. The dragonfly design is not the telltale sign. "'Tiffany' could mean two things," she said. "It could mean that it's Louis Comfort Tiffany's design and made somewhere else, or it could mean that the maker used the same method of sealing and connecting the glass."

Kathy says that although it is a lot of work, she still enjoys hosting the arts show each year despite the fact that the exhibition takes up a lot of her time. According to her, many people don't realize everything in the store is handcrafted right at the studio. Thus, she hopes the art show will help acknowledge what they do, and get more people to recognize who they are as makers.

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