The William T. Lauder Museum is a historical site that has been around since 1963. It was started by the Lauder family to preserve their history and heritage, which has been in Amityville for more than 200 years. The museum features items from the family's collections as well as temporary exhibits from other artists and historians who have an interest in this area of Long Island. Also, there are programs and activities throughout the year that families can enjoy together within this historic building.

A recently opened exhibit is called "The Evolution of the Cigar Box". It features various cigar boxes from all over the world. The William T. Lauder Museum also has a temporary gallery space that houses exhibitions based on different themes, including "In Focus: Paper" and "From Craftsmen to Collectors."

The Museum also offers a rotating schedule of programs and events for visitors. In the past, they have hosted lectures on topics such as "Women in American Art" and "What's Cooking? Rediscovering Kitchen Arts." These discussion-based presentations are free and open to all members of the public.

Lauder was an active participant in its community - from hosting local high school students during their graduation celebrations to providing holiday gifts for children who might otherwise be forgotten. The museum features exhibitions that explore Amityville’s history, heritage, arts culture, industry, and the environment through objects collected by the Lauder family over generations or borrowed from other museums around the world. It has been renovated into a space that serves not only as a place to house these collected objects but also as a gathering area for community events such as lectures, receptions, and weddings.

The William T. Lauder Museum is located in the village of Amityville on Long Island’s south shore, just hours from New York City. The museum was established by an act of the legislature to honor long-time resident and philanthropist William Lauder in 1963 to hold his collection of art and artifacts that he had gathered over many years visiting museums across Europe and Asia. It has grown into one of the largest collections of its kind in the country.

It has undergone many renovations over the years to accommodate changes in family dynamics and new acquisitions of art and artifacts borrowed or donated by other museums around the world. In recent times it was renovated into a space not only open for viewing but also used for community events including lectures, receptions, weddings, and private parties.

The museum is close to shops and restaurants. It is also within driving distance from a lovely beach that will provide great outdoor activities for visitors who want to get some fresh air or more time outdoors. Finally, there are beautiful parks with playgrounds for children as well as benches along wooded paths where you can sit back and enjoy nature's beauty while doing some bird watching!

This wonderfully preserved historic home now acts as more than just a house or office building but also provides space for weddings and receptions as well as large parties! In this way, visitors not only get to take in all the wonderful things inside but can experience firsthand what life might have been like during William T. Lauder's lifetime. If you are looking for something different while visiting Long Island then explore Amityville Village with your family or loved ones and visit the William T. Lauder Museum at 170 Broadway.

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